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The day has come. The scent of flowers and a delicate melody fill the air as the bride makes her entry, radiating joy which permeates the room.
This is just the beginning of an unforgettable day, but our commitment doesn’t end here: from the ceremony to the reception, we manage even the tiniest of details with care and creativity. 
Each of our brides has her own, unique style, which must be respected and made to shine. Our task is to turn her dreams into reality. To do so, Donnallospecchio sets in motion a team of professionals who work with the couple as they make their choices, finding the best possible solutions so that every decision they take is worry-free. 

We’re happy to be part of the beginning of your fairy tale.   




Everything in its place

There’s so much to prepare, with seemingly endless lists. Expectations just increase the bride’s stress as she worries about getting everything done in time and fears that something might suddenly go wrong.

There’s so much to decide on: the ceremony, the dress, the invitations, the menu and more.


Like your very own fairy godmother, Donnallospecchio will follow you every step of the way, paying attention to every last detail, ensuring that not only your wedding day, but also every day spent preparing for it is an experience that makes you smile.


Aida Mazzitelli

Donna allo Specchio Founder,
Image and Style Coach


Monica Pagani

Donna allo Specchio Founder,
Mental Coach

Chi siamo

Communication is our strength.

Donnallospecchio works with a wide network of professionals in the worlds of events, mental coaching and image consultancy. This range of people makes it possible to manage every aspect – from organization and supervision to aesthetics and emotions.

Nothing is left to chance. Our aim is to make your day unique and totally worry-free, leaving you able to fully enjoy this unforgettable occasion, which will forever be in your heart.

About us

Our philosophy

Just like a mirror, we observe and scrutinize every single aspect, without forgetting the most important of all – the bride.

We strive to accompany the bride in every decision, but to do so, we don’t simply carry out our tasks. Instead, we make sure that each and every experience is personal and a balance of the external and internal worlds.

Dialogue, ethics and empathy set us apart.

foto nuova location.jpg

The location

There are so many options to choose from: a wonderful countryside villa, a breath-taking sea view, a beautiful panorama in the hills or a modern setting in the city.

Like a custom-made picture frame, the perfect location is the finishing touch to a beautiful day dedicated to love. Together, we will decide on the most suitable place for you to celebrate your union.

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